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Random acts of pacific crest trail kindness

Aug 15

In chronological order, these are the folks who offered help during my journey. I don’t have every name but they will be remembered. It is these people who inspire me more than the trail itself. They have become very special to me.

The end of the PCT

Aug 15

On April 12th 4 months ago I stood on the border of Mexico and California so excited to begin my adventure I forgot to get a picture of myself at the monument before walking into the high desert of southern California (thanks Girl Scout for sending me a pic!). Excitement is putting it lightly, I was stoked.

Over the next 4 months I slept next to freeways and washed my clothes in McDonald’s bathrooms. I stood on the edge of highways with my thumb out and a smile on my face ultimately befriending hundreds of strangers. Hiked through winds that toppled cell towers, forded countless rivers.

What’s more beautiful?

Aug 3

The views or the people?

For me it has to be the people. The other hikers, trail angels, random cars that pull over to offer a ride, or the lady at the post office.

1800 miles later

Jul 15

Day 94, 1800 miles, one state and many new friends. A few weeks back I crossed the border into Oregon! It was an exciting milestone and with it a slight shift in scenery.

Mile crushing

Jun 30

Phone battery issue nearly resolved with the addition of a 5oz 7000 mAh Poweradd battery pack. It has enough juice to charge my Nexus 3x to full. I’m adding a second battery pack in Seiad Valley just because I like having a working phone more than I like being ultra light.

It’s been a while

Jun 20

Sorry for the lack of updates. The tree coverage has put a damper on my ability to sap juice from the sun with my Suntactics sCharger-5 solar panel.


Jun 9

After resupplying in northern Kennedy Meadows I thumbed a ride back up to Sonora pass and started my way up the unnamed pass around 3:30pm. Clouds loomed overhead and an occasional sprinkle that eventually turned to snow flakes as I climbed in elevation rained from the heavens. Not enough to warrant rain gear but an unexpected down pour worried me. As I saddled the pass thunder could be heard east in the distance. I picked up my pace and powered through postholes eventually finding myself on a consistent trail by 6pm. I continued down the valley till 8pm managing 7 miles, a total of 15 for the day.

Just Charlie and I

Jun 8

I took advantage of Caleb’s drop off to run home (his wife came to tuolumne and got him) and grab some new gear that arrived later than expected. Those were a new pair of merino wool mittens, some Opsaks so I can carry more food and a large spoon so I’m not getting my knuckles in said food. I savored the zero mile day and jumped on transit the next morning spending over 8 hours on different buses getting myself back to Yosemite. I then had to hitch from the valley with 3 different cars finally getting myself to Tuolumne… Only to find out the post office still wasn’t officially opened yet. Fortunately the post master was a nice dude and got me my packages while they were inventorying. While I was at the Tuolumne store I met a guy named Charlie. Charlie has the smallest backpack I’ve seen on the trail and by his looks I was positive he was crushing miles (moving fast).

The trail life is not for Caleb

Jun 2

So my buddy Caleb expressed interest in joining my adventure for a short 100 mile section starting at Reds Meadows and ending at Sonora pass. Like every beginner he over researched, over packed, and didn’t listen. He also did a poor job hydrating and the moment we started to climb out of Reds Meadows the elevation wrecked him.

Trail blazers

May 26

Ice Axe? Check. Food? Check.

The last few days reminded me why I’m doing this. Adventure.