• Archive: Chapter 2: Trekking in Nepal

Try not to break stuff

Nov 7

Looking out the window of the Airbus A340 as it reached cruising altitude I could make out what I’m pretty sure was the Annapurna range poking up from the cloud coverage that seemed to sit right around the snow line. I even got a glimpse of Mt. Everest before the plane banked to the south east affording me amazing views of almost every 25,000+ feet peak bordering Tibet. It was beautiful, very beautiful.

Travel vortex

Oct 11

Alobar 1000 is a vortex. $3.50 for a bed. $1.60 for amazing fried momo. In my opinion, the ideal atmosphere. Travelers from a world apart all drinking, singing, and vibing.

You walk up to the rooftop of the 4 story building and at almost any hour in peak season you’ll find welcoming travelers with open minds lounging about on the mattresses that cover the floor. In the evenings you drink together, discuss your adventures while planning new ones. It’s a special thing, addicting, a vortex that sucks you in.

Nepal is magic

Oct 2

I’m nearing my 4th week in Nepal and now have a difficult question to answer. Do I stay longer or do I continue on? I’ve barely touched Nepal and in doing so I’ve had some of the most amazing experiences of my life.

13 pounds and a plane ticket

Sep 6

I’m on my way to Nepal!

Currently sitting in the Singapore airport with an 8 hour layover after sleeping like a baby during the first stretch of my flight. About 14 hours from now (33 total hours of travel ughhhh) I’ll be in kathmandu, Nepal!