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Hawaiian Islands Vacation – Part I – Big Island, Kona

Mar 28

Only two months into our relationship my girlfriend and I decided to plan our first vacation. She had a week worth of vacation days she could square away so it needed to be a short flight. The two of us had never been to Hawaii and a few of my bucket list items were waiting for me there so we we made the decision to book our flights 2 months out (insurance included in case we decided we hated each other before the trip) and started planning our itinerary. Our flight left San Jose Wed, Mar 04, 2015. 8 Days total.

Nepal budget travel, tips & haggling

Jan 17

Nepal is a magical place and as of writing this article, still, a relatively inexpensive country to travel in. One of the first things I do before traveling to another country is find ways to save and scams to lookout for. If you’ve ever traveled to South East Asia you’ll be aware of how rampant scamming is. Generally these scams are done with smiles and in most cases won’t take much from you wallet (on a western income) however it’s good to know what to look out for and just how far your wallet can go.

Time to suck up my pride

Apr 22

Day 9 or is it 10? Had one of the most hair raising experiences of my life the other day. The 24 mile day few days ago really screwed up my Achilles in my right foot. Chasing a triple crowner with an 8.5lb base weight was stupid but I let my competitive side get the best of me. The damage I caused hit a whole new level when I hiked my way out of Idyllwild via “devils slide” a ~2k ft switch back trail at the far end of town that connects with the PCT. I should have kept off my feet but the idea of more zero days with time constraints made me restless. I went slow hoping to prevent more damage and things seemed okay for the first hour.

Backpacking the John Muir Trail 2011

Feb 15

This is a throw-back post to a trip I did in 2011. The world famous John Muir Trail (jmt) that runs a beautiful portion of the Pacific Crest Trail (pct).

Yes, you’ll be lonely.

Feb 10

“Won’t you become lonely?” is usually one of the first few questions I get after someone learns of what I am about to do.

Finding a home (temp or permanent) for my dog, Allister

Jan 28

Allister as a boy’s name is a variant of Alastair (Scottish, Greek), Alexander (Greek) and Alistair (Greek), and the meaning of Allister is “man’s defender; man’s defender, warrior”.

Buy me a beer?

Jan 21

Beer, coffee, granola bar? On a travelers budget I need all the help I can get. You can find me on Venmo and help out if you want!

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and awesome.

Jan 10

Disclaimer: First off, thanks for stopping by. Before you get to reading there’s a couple things I think you should know. First off, I’m a bad writer. Second, I’m writing most of this on a phone… I’m Cameron, a late twenties designer & front-end engineer (a golden unicorn) living in San Francisco and I’m about