Finding a home (temp or permanent) for my dog, Allister

Allister as a boy’s name is a variant of Alastair (Scottish, Greek), Alexander (Greek) and Alistair (Greek), and the meaning of Allister is “man’s defender; man’s defender, warrior”.

It would be great if I could bring my dog with me on this adventure but I can’t. Allister is around 4 years old and is by far my greatest Craigslist find.

When I first took Allister home he refused to walk into the house, it might have been the carpet or the walled space, whatever it was he had to be lifted through the doorway. He wouldn’t touch food if anyone was standing anywhere near him and it took nearly 3 weeks before he would come up to me to be pet. If my hand moved quickly near his head he would squint as if bracing for a hit.  He was obviously abused, to what extent I don’t know.  The guy I got him from showed up in a Toyota truck with a leaf camo paint job.  He had a hunting camo hat on and mentioned the dog was too weak to stay with his “hunting dogs”. Allister was under the tool case in the back of his pickup truck, cowering and scared. He had to be dragged out by the leash. When he scooped him up and set him down on the concrete he just sat there with his head down and looked toward the tire of the truck.

Allister backpacking to Aloha Lakes

Allister backpacking to Aloha Lakes

Today you would never guess he was ever like this. You can hear him jumping in excitement as I walk up the stairs to my door. If you leave the house for 3 minutes and return he would jump on you the moment you walk in with his tail wagging trying to pull you down so he can lick your face. He loves people, not so much other dogs, but it would seem people are his favorite thing in the world. He’s also the most awkward cuddler ever.

This is what he does when he wants you to pet him. Try saying no to that!

This is what he does when he wants you to pet him. Try saying no to that!

Every time I put on my coat, grab his leash, or grab his backpack he will jump ~3 feet into the air. You have to be careful, his hind legs can kick you in the chest. When he wants attention he will plant his face on your hand or lay awkwardly on you till you pet him. Often times he will wine and rub his face around licking your hand till you give him the attention he wants.

He’s an amazing dog.

He’s apartment trained, obedient, does not bark, does not chew. He doesn’t always like other dogs (balls are still intact) and he’s mixed with German Shepherd so he sheds but the hair can be vacuumed up easily and brushed. He will fetch a ball but doesn’t always give it back, he knows several adorable tricks, and loves to go on walks and hikes. He’s good with children and at 4 years old still looks like a puppy.

I really need to find him a home before April 20th. If you live in the Sacramento or San Francisco area and want to watch him temporarily for 8-13 months, I will buy all his food. Please get in contact with me using my contact form or over a social network (links are at the bottom of the page). I would be willing to discuss a permanent re-homing if it’s my only option to the right person(s)/family.

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