My trail angels

A month before setting off on this adventure I bumped into a family in Yosemite valley who was grabbing lunch. I needed to grab something out of my backpack and asked if I could set it on their table for a second. They said yes and started to ask questions about my pack and where I planned to backpack. I chatted with them for a few before asking where they were from and they said the town of Tehachapi, a town I would walk by on the PCT. I mentioned I would be walking by there in a few months on the pacific crest trail and wished them well before heading to the trail head.

As I was walking away I hear a women yell “hey guy!”, I turn around to see one of the ladies running after me. She tells me to take her phone number and give them a call when I make it to Tehachapi, they’ll pick me up and take me to run my errands, let me wash, and feed me. I saved it in my phone and with smiles I went on my way.

Fast forward to May 6 and I’m walking through ridiculous winds surrounded by massive wind turbines only miles from a HWY that leads into Tehachapi and I remember that family I met a few months back. I flip through my contacts till I find them and give them a call, on the other end Linda answers. To my surprise she remembers me and a few hours later she pulls up to the Kmart I’m resupplying at with Linn and their daughter.

They take me to their beautiful home in bear valley and cook up some beef stew while I figure out my food situation. They gave me temporary clothes to wear while mine are being laundered. They set me up in their guest room and show me around their home and property. As we walk outside their house there is a Bobcat with gopher in its mouth right in their front lawn!!

By the end of the night I’m stuffed, hydrated, and eating pineapple upside down cake as they share interesting stories. I feel like I’ve known these people my entire life, I felt like I was home. We watch some TV together and chat then they agree to take me to the trail head the following morning bright and early. I slept like a baby that night, some of the best sleep I’ve had this entire trip.

When I wake up Linda asks me what I want for breakfast and cooks me up some toast, eggs and bacon. Linda even makes me a PBJ to eat on the trail.  After I got my stuff together Linn drives over to the Best Western in town to pickup Burning Daylight before offering to take us to walker pass cutting off a big dry portion of the trail. We take the offer and spend the next hour swapping stories on the road.

They are two of the kindest people I know and the time I spent with them was some of my favorite on this trip.  I loved every minute.


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