The end of the PCT

On April 12th 4 months ago I stood on the border of Mexico and California so excited to begin my adventure I forgot to get a picture of myself at the monument before walking into the high desert of southern California (thanks Girl Scout for sending me a pic!). Excitement is putting it lightly, I was stoked.

Over the next 4 months I slept next to freeways and washed my clothes in McDonald’s bathrooms. I stood on the edge of highways with my thumb out and a smile on my face ultimately befriending hundreds of strangers. Hiked through winds that toppled cell towers, forded countless rivers.

I cowboy camped under our milky way dozens of times seeing it’s beauty from the top of our highest passes, nights so clear you can watch satellites soar under the stars and without fail catch the streak of a meteor as it burns up in our atmosphere. Ran out of food on 3 occasions days from resupply and ran through a snow storm following the quickly fading footsteps of those ahead of me without a map deep in the high Sierra’s.

I experienced kindness from strangers I didn’t know existed, from the post office lady who risked her job to save me $15 to a young doctor who invited me into his home. I noted over 40 random acts of kindness, I’ll share them all with you eventually.

I’ve made friends and met extraordinary people, shared moments and made stories I’ll cherish forever. During it all I walked through beauty that cannot be fully captured in pictures or words.

This journey has forever changed me.

125 days ago I started it, today I finish it 2,668 miles later. From Mexico to Canada 2014.


Next chapter begins September 6th. Come back as I wonder the world.

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