Travel Insurance and a Gregory Z55

Today I purchased travel insurance for the pacific crest trail from World Nomads ( After doing some web sloothing they came up repeatedly so I tried them out while traveling for 3 weeks in South East Asia, the price was reasonable and they worked with me when the dates got screwed up. For my 5 months on the Pacific Crest trail it cost me $216, a standard policy which I was told over the phone by one of their representatives would cover me for my trip. Again, a reasonable price. I have a planned trip to Nepal in September not long after I should wrap up the PCT which she mentioned I could extend the coverage to with a quick phone call. Perfect.

The was pretty much the last step. I just need to box up and label my resupplies. Still hasn’t really hit me yet and I’m a few days from boarding the plane.

Also worth mentioning, myself and 11 other PCT 2014 thru-hikers got selected by Gregory to receive a backpack and join their PCT brand ambassador program dubbed the #PCTDirtyDozen. Pretty stoked about this. I chose the Z55 which is similar in size to my Deuter Futura Pro but saves me around 8oz. I’m a little concerned about not having field tested it but if it ends up being a bad fit for me I’ll send it home. I’m confident this wont be an issue and I can’t wait till it arrives so I can see how it feels with gear stuffed in it.

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